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We have many genuine Ford dealership special service tool sets available!
Please read and understand our policies before ordering!

189.99- 1990-95 SHO 3.0L-3.2L- ABS/Anti-Lock Unit Bleeder Tool
Functions just like the expensive, unobtainable Ford-Rotunda tool,
although it is not designed to be a breakout-box adapter. 
(2) currently available
$250. at Summit! 

We have thousands of service tools,  tool sets,

and all types of electronic diagnostic equipment in stock!

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Special Service Tools:
1989-95 Anti-Lock Brake Bleeders:
(For stand-alone use to bleed the ABS unit, or can also be used with your EEC4 breakout box for complete ABS system diagnostics)

SHO MTX service tools:
Differential shim selection tools

SHO ATX service tools:

Converter Seal Remover
Lube Tube Remover
Low & Intermediate Clutch Piston Seal Protector
Transmission Test Plate
Reverse Clutch/Planet Assembly Collet
Lube Tube Seal Replacer
Front Clutch Loading Tool Screw
Output Shaft Seal Replacer Pilot
Bearing Remover
Intermediate Clutch Balance Piston Seal Protector
Gauge Tube
Dial Indicator Extension Rod
Reverse Clutch Piston Seal Protector
Input Shaft Seal Replacer

3.0L-3.2L V6 and 3.4L V8 valve adjustment tools:
Tappet Compressor
Tappet Holder

SHO 3.0L-3.2L V6 engine service tools:
Valve Spring Compressor Set
Tappet Compressor
Tappet Holder
Camshaft Seal Replacer
Camshaft Seal Expander
Camshaft Position Tool
Screw & Washer Set- Damper & Timing Gear
Front Crankshaft Seal Installer
Screw Set-Rear Seal Replacer
Valve Stem Seal Remover
Valve Stem Seal Replacer
Valve Guide Remover/Replacer
Valve Guide Replacer Adapter
3.2L Timing Belt Tensioning Tools

DIS system diagnostic harness:
(For use with breakout box for DIS diagnostics/troubleshooting)
SHO 3.4L V8 engine service tools:
Cam Position Tool
Valve Spring Compressor
Valve Spring Compressor Brackets
Tappet Holder
Valve Guide Replacer Adapter
Balance Shaft Remover/Replacer
Balance Shaft Rear Bearing Remover
Balance Shaft Rear Bearing Replacer
Balance Shaft Rear Bearing Aligner
Balance Shaft Front Bearing Replacer
Balance Shaft Bearing Replacer Adapter
Balance Shaft Rear Bearing Locator

1989-95 Taurus/SHO/Sable suspension & driveline tools: 
Front wheel bearing removal & installation tools 
Lower control arm bushing removal & installation tools 
CV joint/halfshaft puller adapters 
Halfshaft seal installers
Steering rack service tools
DIS Ignition System Testers
EEC4 & EEC5 Breakout Boxes
ABS System Breakout Boxes
Brake Line Flaring Tool Sets
...and many more!









We go to great lengths to order parts that are
manufactured or remanufactured in
USA and Japan!

If you prefer to use only Ford-Motorcraft parts,
we can order all available parts through Ford at a discount!

If you have a brand preference for any specific parts,
or if you'd like us to add any additional parts,
or if you find a lower price elsewhere,

please let us know!

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